What is a HAZWOPER Card?

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Did you know? Earn your HAZWOPER Card and be certified to perform work at emergency response cleanup sites in the U.S. The HAZWOPER card is a certification for professionals seeking work as a HAZWOPER / HAZMAT Technician. Our course can be done online with the use of the HAZWOPER Hands-on Simulator.

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Listed below is basic information as it relates to obtaining your HAZWOPER Card.

Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standard (or HAZWOPER): means the OSHA standard covering emergency response and recovery operations at a covered incident. The standard is codified for General Industry at 29 CFR 1910.120 and for Construction at 29 CFR 1926.65. The standard includes requirements for all emergency responders in paragraph (q) such as emergency planning, training, medical monitoring, PPE selection and use, incident command, and others. The standard also addresses clean-up operations at hazardous waste sites and post-emergency response sites in paragraphs (b) through (o). OSHA identifies requirements for clean-up operations such as: characterizing the site, developing a site-specific health and safety plan, training, medical monitoring, and others. In Federal OSHA enforcement States, Federal OSHA does not have jurisdiction over the public employees that may respond to hazardous substance releases, like local firefighters and police offices. 40 Hour HAZWOPER is unique in that the EPA adopted the standard for public employees and volunteers in States where Federal OSHA has jurisdiction, effectively covering public responders in all States. The EPA standard that provides this coverage is The Worker Protection Standard and it is codified at 40 CFR 311.

HAZWOPER Response Team (HRT): means the designated group of industrial hygiene, safety, and other subject matter experts located in the Salt Lake Technical Center responsible for providing technical assistance in the areas of industrial hygiene and specialized engineering to OSHA's National, Regional, and Area Offices in support of Agency objectives. When requested, the HRT will respond to occupationally related emergencies involving the catastrophic releases of hazardous materials.

Incident Command System (or Structure) (ICS): means an organizational structure for responding to emergencies. The structure is modular, flexible and can be expanded to meet complex situations or reduced for minor incidents. The ICS divides an emergency response into five manageable functions: Command, Operations, Planning, Logistics, and Finance. The Incident Commander retains responsibility for these functions unless delegated to another individual. In some incidents or applications only a few of the organization's functional elements may be formally established or delegated to another individual. The ICS is typically implemented at the local level by first responders (fire, police, and emergency management agencies). The ICS may be expanded to include a Unified Command for complex responses that require multi-agency resources.
Within the ICS, the Safety Officer is part of the Command function, see Safety Officer.

What is The National Response Team (NRT): means the 16-agency organization responsible created by the National Contingency Plan for interagency planning, preparedness, and coordination for oil and hazardous substance emergency response. NRT members include the federal organizations with responsibilities and expertise in emergency response to pollution incidents. The NRT provides policy guidance and assistance to emergency management and response organizations prior to incidents, and provides technical advice and access to resources and equipment from its member agencies to State and local governments during an incident. This interagency coordination and framework is replicated at the regional level in the Regional Response Team (RRT).

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